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Achieve 10X Leadership Efficiency: Master Technology and Secure Your Future

Build a strong foundation in leadership to inspire and motivate.
Understand and leverage the latest tech tools to optimize operations.
Implement robust security measures to protect organizational data.
Adopt AI solutions to streamline processes and increase efficiency.
Design effective curricula that foster creativity and technological literacy.
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Transformative Leadership Expert and Innovator

Hi, I'm Dr. Tracie Hines.

I’ve revolutionized leadership and technology management for top organizations and the federal government.

As a Doctor of Management in Leadership, I've led initiatives in cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and curriculum development. Trust my expertise to transform your leadership and tech strategies.


I am a distinguished figure in the realms of Cyber Security, Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, and Artificial Intelligence, bringing a wealth of knowledge. With a career spanning over two decades, I have established myself as a visionary leader and an innovative thinker, dedicated to empowering the next generation of professionals in these critical fields.

Cyber Security

My journey began with a solid foundation in computer information systems, leading to an illustrious career in cybersecurity, where I have been at the forefront of developing and implementing cutting-edge security strategies to protect organizational assets and information. My expertise in cybersecurity is complemented by my profound understanding of artificial intelligence, where I explore the intersection of AI and security to develop smarter, more resilient defense mechanisms.

Leadership & Emotional Intelligence

I am deeply passionate about leadership and emotional intelligence. I am a Doctor of Management with a focus on Organizational Leadership, embodying the principles of visionary leadership and emotional intelligence in my professional endeavors. As an Executive Director with The John Maxwell Team, I have facilitated, spoken, trained, and coached individuals and groups, helping them unlock their leadership potential and achieve personal and professional growth.


My approach to mentorship is holistic, focusing not only on imparting technical knowledge but also on fostering leadership qualities and emotional intelligence among mentees. I believe that the leaders of tomorrow need to be adept at navigating complex challenges, understanding and managing their emotions, and leading with empathy and integrity.


I aim to inspire youth and adults by sharing my journey, challenges, and successes. I am committed to providing guidance, support, and valuable insights to help others excel in their careers and make meaningful contributions to the fields of Cyber Security, Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, and Artificial Intelligence.

My Primary Solutions

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Leadership Development 

Tech Management Consulting

AI Automation

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Key Components of Mission & Strategic Systems

By focusing on these areas, I can maximize my impact, contributing to the growth and success of both organizational and educational institutions in a sustainable and innovative manner.

Innovative Leadership Development

Foster the growth of current and future leaders by designing and implementing cutting-edge leadership development programs that integrate emotional intelligence, DISC assessments, and team cohesion strategies.

Technology and Cybersecurity Advancement

Enhance organizational resilience and security by developing robust cybersecurity strategies and ensuring seamless integration of advanced technologies without disrupting existing systems.

Educational Excellence and Engagement

Transform educational experiences by create it dynamic, up-to-date curricula that leverage the latest technological advancements, ensuring effective learning outcomes and engagement.

Organizational Change and Adaptation

Drive successful organizational change by addressing resistance point, aligning leadership development initiatives with organizational goals, and utilizing dat-driven insights to continuously improve.

Bridging Leadership and Technology

Integrate leadership skills with technological expertise, ensuring leaders are equipped to navigate and thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Empower Leaders

Equip leaders with the skills, knowledge, and tools needed to drive organizational success in a tech-driven world.

Enhance Security

Ensure organizations are protected against cybersecurity threats through advanced, AI-driven security measures.Ensure organizations are protected against cybersecurity threats through advanced, AI-driven security measures.Simply enter your email address and click the 'Download Your Free Guide' button to get instant access.

Transform Education

Develop innovative educational programs that prepare individuals for the challenges of the modern workforce.

Drive Change

Facilitate effective organizational changes and adaptation to new technologies and market conditions. 

Promote Continuous Learning

Foster a culture of continuous professional development and learning, leveraging AI and technology to provide personalized and effective learning experiences.

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